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Looonnng weekend
Sunday, 28 May 2006 at 05:02 pm

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There was an unexpected (to me, not to everyone else!) holiday on Thursday, for Ascension Day. I didn't know about it until late Wednesday, but I suppose it's lucky I knew about it at all, due to my kind colleagues thinking to remind me. In Sweden, if holidays fall on Tuesday or Thursday, the extra day is more or less a holiday as well, which is sensible because frankly, if it weren't officially the case then half the work-force would call in "sick" that intervening day.

The weather has been very mixed, alternating brilliant sunshine with torrential rain with a period of tens of minutes. But I have managed to spend some of the bonus free time outdoors, in spite of this obstacle.

Thursday I went to a free music festival at Stockholm Uni, because it seemed like something to do. Most of the acts I saw were not bad but most of them were a style of music I'm not very into, either emo, whiny post-Coldplay stuff which is not a lot of fun live, or the kind of electronica that has a lot of beeps and funny noises in ways I can't make musical sense of. I caught the last couple of songs from a group called The Kid, and I'm sorry I didn't hear more as they made a more positive impression than any of the complete sets I happened to be there for.

The standouts were a completely insane comedy group called I'm from Barcelona. If you imagine one of those filler TV shows with the worst moments from 40 years of Top of the Pops, or something like that, and all the top ten groups get up on stage together (yes, there were dozens of them!) and start singing and dancing and playing their tambourines and a bunch of random student karaoke artists get roped in to join them... it would probably still be less mad than I'm from Barcelona. But despite being excessively silly, they managed to get people dancing and jumping about, which is more than could be said for any of the serious artists I heard.

Friday I ended up spending most of the day at work after all, as it was the only time my predecessor could manage a meeting. I feel a lot better for having talked to her; she sorted out, or gave me ways that I can sort out, most of the stuff that was bothering me before I spoke to her. She's a fantastic woman; I wish we were working together more directly.

Saturday I went to synagogue, and managed to get invited home, so I had a pleasant and friendly afternoon. And today I did domestic things like making soup, and then went to wander around Djurgården, where there was a traditional crafts fair on as well as the generally pleasant parks and woodland.

Whereaboooots: Djurgården, Stockholm, Sweden
Moooood: refreshedrefreshed
Tuuuuune: I come from Barcelona: Deeply mad cover of "Like a prayer"
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hatam_soferet: default
Date:May 28th, 2006 03:38 pm (UTC)
5 minutes after journal entry
Djurgården looks lovely. I'm glad you had a nice walkie.
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ewtikins: pink
Date:May 29th, 2006 10:00 am (UTC)
18 hours after journal entry, 10:00 am (ewtikins's time)
Yay for predecessor woman being helpful!

Yay for soup, yay for going outside. Outside is wonderful.
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Date:May 31st, 2006 12:55 pm (UTC)
2 days after journal entry
Do you also get next Monday off? It's called Tweede Pinksteren here, Second Pentecost.

I didn't know that Sweden also took Ascension Day off. It amuses me that a county like the Netherlands (which also does so) doesn't have a state church, and yet the UK, which does, makes everyone work over Ascension and Pentecost ;)
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