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Postcard from New York

Cliche though it is, I am decidely having a lovely time here.

hatam_soferet had the day off Monday, so she was able to join me for touristy stuff. Sadly, pretty much everything is closed on Mondays, but hey. The American Indian museum helpfully wasn't, and seemed interesting anyway. Gorgeous building, (the former customs house), but the exhibits weren't so great; the museum has decided that actually telling visitors anything about Native American culture is politically incorrect. Then some wandering around the area just exploring the city.

Yesterday I went to the Yeshiva University museum exhibition about the history of publishing the Talmud. Specialist, but fun. Took the ferry to Staten Island, which apparently is the tourist thing to do. I hadn't planned well enough to get much out of the trip. In the evening hatam_soferet and her friend MJNH were doing a singthrough of Carmina Burana and the Chichester Psalms, so I hid in the corner and listened to people making lovely sounds. Also getting to hang out with MJNH was cool.

Other cultural stuff: the in-flight movies were IQ (just about the stupidest film I've ever seen) and In good company, which was frothy but well done, I may talk about it if I get round to it. And I should write reviews of Kate Atkinson: Emotionally weird and Rosemary Sutcliff: The witch's brat. Right now I'm going to tear myself away from air conditioning and internet and venture out into the city to do more touristy stuff though.
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