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That would be why people call me dopey

Today I:

  • Forgot entirely that most museums here are closed on Monday and only remembered in the middle of Manhattan at midday. By which time I couldn't be bothered to return chez hatam_soferet and use Google to devise a plan for touristy things I could still do.

  • Tried to console myself by buying icecream, but thoroughly confused the icecream seller by asking whether what they were selling was icecream or sorbet. I'm not sure whether this is because the seller didn't speak English or because I don't speak American; is non-dairy frozen fruit juice-based dessert called sherbert instead of sorbet here?

  • Tried to buy stamps in a grocer's, having forgotten that all those lovely Americans who gave me advice do not mean the same kind of shop that I mean when I say grocery. This shop only sold vegetables. The checkout person was friendly but didn't really have enough English to deal with my asking for stamps when she was expecting me to ask for vegetables. Happily, an anglophone guy was in the queue line behind me and directed me to a funny little cornershop thingy that did in fact sell stamps.

    I now have stamps, hooray! If anyone would like me to use some of my stamps to send them a postcard, please email your address to me. That includes if you think I already know your address, cos I probably don't have access to the information from here.

  • Accidentally walked straight into the Empire State Building. I wasn't looking for it as I'm not really in New York for the famous buildings. I was trying to do errands in Penn Station and I completely forgot it was there. Coming upon it accidentally was bad enough, but physically walking into it... I belong in a farce.

    *sigh* Oh well, I'm back at J's with tea and LJ, so things could be worse.
    Just a note: my server is down at the moment, so my journal may be taking a long time to load or even not load at all, and will be ugly when it does finally show up. Adding ?style=mine to the ends of URLs that point to bits of my journal should bypass this problem.
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