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Cool people

One of the great things about LiveJournal is that it has brought me into contact with a great many very cool people. One of the great things about this trip is that I have been getting to meet some of those cool people in person!

I got here late on Tuesday evening. On Wednesday, darcydodo and I went to San Francisco with monanotlisa for high tea. On Thursday, leora met me in Berkeley and showed me some cool stuff locally. And I've just come back from spending this evening with ajollypyruvate hanging out in San Francisco, going to synagogue with her there, and meeting her gorgeous fluffy adorable ickle cats.

I am so very bouncy just now. I'm really touched that all these lovely people wanted to meet me, simply on the basis of reading eachother's journals. Not in a vague, sure, we should get together some time sense, but they've actually put effort into specific plans and then they've been really kind and hospitable to me. And we got on so well! I mean, this isn't entirely a surprise because I already expected to like them from our LJ contact, but it's just such a lovely thing when you meet someone for the first time and have a million things to talk about.

It's 1 am so I can't really do justice to telling everyone else what lovely people they all are, but I wanted to express appreciation at least. I'll fill in more detail presently. In the meantime I'll just be sitting here grinning over three cool new friends in the space of three days.
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