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Postcard from California

Apart from meeting lots of very cool people whom I shan't name-check here, this week I have:

- Enjoyed a rather good high tea in San Francisco
- Eaten lots of tasty food of various cuisines
- Been introduced to an entirely new food: boba pearl milk tea
- Watched a performance of Gondoliers (darcydodo was in the chorus)
- Gone to a lovely Friday night service in a cute little shul in San Franciso (many thanks to ajollypyruvate)
- Played in a puzzle hunt; my team won, but I don't take much credit for that. Anyway it was a lot of fun
- Gone for a walk in Jack London's former estate and seen lots of cool wildlife
- Gone on a mini winetasting tour in the Sonoma area

I'm about to dash off to go out to dinner and a party, and I'm leaving tomorrow, so I shall have to postpone writing this up properly. But it's all great fun!
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