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rysmiel is ever such a good host

I've just come back to New York after spending the last few days in Montreal. It went something like this: hugs, yummy food (Greek), hugshugshugs, patisserie, cool stuff (geodesic structure), yummy food (crême brulée), cool stuff (art museum), tea, music, yummy food (sushi), hugs, yummy food (decadent hot chocolate), booksbooksbooksbooksbooksbooks, teeeeeeeeeeeeeea, yummy food (Peruvian), hugs, music, hugs, fantastically cute animals (culminating in PENGUINS), cool stuff (Chinatown, gay district with rainbows everywhere), yummy food (Italian), cool stuff (fantastically elaborate church), icecream, hugshugshugs, yummy food (sushi)... Only with more hugs, and with lots of really wonderful conversation going on at the same time as all this, and I've probably got some of the cool things slightly in the wrong order. If it were possible to explode from joy, I wouldn't be here writing this now.
Added 14.8.05: rysmiel has a rather more comprehensive account, (which is also much funnier than mine).
In fact, I am here, back chez hatam_soferet and having a nice relaxing day. The journey back yesterday was not the loveliest (a two hour delay on a journey that's already 10 hours, and then stupid problems with the subway followed by getting rained on felt like the last straw), but I had bookies, and hatam_soferet had very thoughtfully left food for me in case I did get back late. She's also being very understanding about my wanting to go online even though she doesn't do computers on shabbat.

Need to finalize plans for the next few days – redbird and jpallan (and New A WINOLJ), you should get sorting out messages soon.
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