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In which I acquire far too many books

I may have got them all home safely (and my back and shoulders have not yet forgiven me), but now I need to find homes for them. This may prove challenging. Since I have that kind of mind, I have made a complete list of the very few books I managed to leave behind and the ridiculously many that came home with me. Of course, I now want to spend the next several months reading instead of getting on with my life...

Brought from home
Kate Atkinson: Emotionally weird
Michelle Magorian: A spoonful of jam
Melvin Burgess: Bloodtide
G B Edwards: The book of Ebenezer le Page
Arundhati Roy: The god of small things
Given to rysmiel
AS Byatt: Babel Tower Failed to give to rysmiel
David Brin: Sundiver
Elizabeth Gaskell: Wives and Daughters
Ursula Le Guin: Earthsea compendium
Not read, brought straight back home
Bought in New York
Vladimir Nabokov: Pale Fire Read
Dodie Smith: I capture the castle Given to hatam_soferet
Karen Armstrong: The spiral staircase Lent to hatam_soferet
Olivia Judson: Dr Tatiana's sex advice to all creation Read and lent to hatam_soferet
Diana Wynne Jones: A tale of time city Failed to give to blackherring
Anne Michaels: Fugitive pieces Read and then given to redbird
Chaim Potok: The book of lights Given to rysmiel
Helene Hanff: Apple of my eye
Rose Macaulay: They were defeated
Brought home to give to parents
Michael Ondaatje: The English patient
Mary Renault: The friendly young ladies
Elie Wiesel: Somewhere a master
The Oxford book of short poems
Not read yet, brought home
Bought in Berkeley
Neil Gaimam: American gods Read
Samuel R Delany: Babel-17
Lord Dunsany: Beyond the fields we know
Gabriel García Márquez: In evil hour
Iris Murdoch: Under the net
Chaim Potok: I am the clay
Anne Tyler: A Patchwork planet
Not read yet, brought home
Presents from rysmiel
ER Eddison: The worm Ouroboros
Jan Morris: Last letters from Hav
Sean Stewart: Nobody's son
Not read yet, brought home
Jack Womack: Heathern
Jack Womack: Random acts of senseless violence
Lent to hatam_soferet
Bought in Montreal
(of my own volition)
Jean Anouillh: Le directeur de l'Opéra
Simone de Beauvoir: La force de l'age
Italo Calvino: If on a winter's night a traveller
Albert Camus: Caligula
Madeleine l'Engle: A wind in the door (appears to be signed)
Rumer Godden: A time to dance, no time to weep
Eugene Ionesco: Rhinoceros
Sébastien Japrisot: La passion des femmes
Choderlos de Laclos: Les liaisons dangereuses
Edmond Rostand: L'aiglon
Alice Walker: The temple of my familiar
Jo Walton: The king's name (bought new)
Elie Wiesel: A beggar in Jerusalem
Not read yet, brought home
Bought in Montreal
(on rysmiel's suggestions or orders)
William Goldman: The color of light Read and lent to hatam_soferet
Guy Gavriel Kay: Tigana
Bruce Sterling: Zeitgeist (bought new)
Anthony Burgess: Earthly Powers Reading at the moment
Emma Bull: War for the oaks
Samuel R Delaney: Empire star
Samuel R Delaney: Nova
Peter Dickinson: King and Joker
Joe Haldeman: The forever war
Jack Womack: Elvissey
Not read yet, brought home

I hope I've got all the HTML sorted; making a big table seemed like a better idea than it actually was.

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