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Important Communication Announcement!

My old university email address is now officially dead. I will no longer be checking this account. Please do not send any more email to this address; I have no guarantee it will bounce properly.

In June I was getting a load of warnings saying my account was about to be terminated. I duly rescued everything I wanted from that server (although I had some trouble with that, and not all of what I rescued is in an easily accessible format).

However, for some reason the account continued working. Until today, that is, when it died with no warning whatsoever. Because I've set up Eudora in a slightly stupid way, the death of my uni account meant I couldn't get at my other accounts properly. In attempting to fix this, I appear to have deleted a lot of stuff I would prefer not to have deleted.

I think only about two dozen emails are actually lost. So, if you keep records of such things, and if you have sent email to my uni address between 17 June and 31 August, could you resend it, please? I'm particularly looking at rysmiel and lethargic_man here. My archive from May 2003 to June 17 2005 is complete; before that, I think everything is somewhere but some of it is awkward to get at. Yes, I do owe some people emails from as long ago as 2003. I'm rubbish that way.

Conclusion: I suck at organizing my correspondence. I've moved account twice since 2001 and it's been unnecessarily complicated and lossy both times, and both mainly through my fault. But also partly because Dundee's mail system was very badly run, to be fair.

For the moment, I'm using Google's mail service where my username is rachelgb. I'm hoping this will be a permanent email address (because I trust Google not to let me down). And I'll get a work email address when I get work...
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