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Party animal

This weekend was doseybat and compilerbitch's housewarming. It was also my parents' 28th wedding anniversary, so congratulations to them.

The party was brilliant fun, even by the usual standards of doseybat's parties. It was extremely social, a really great mix of people I know well with new people and people I have vaguely met and am in the process of getting to know. compilerbitch made real food (some most excellent curry), which already elevated the occasion above typical parties. timeplease provided cherry and raspberry beer, which didn't hurt at all. Also doseybat and compilerbitch's new place is really very nice indeed.

Lots of cool people, but most excitingly for me, HH (WINOLJ I think) showed up briefly. She is a very lovely person and a kindred spirit, but I'd kind of lost touch with her because I know her through my ex ID with whom I am not really in contact. And also because I've been rubbish about keeping in touch with her more directly. So very exciting to see her again.

The number of people from different parts of my life doseybat knows is getting scary. But it was nice to see karen2205 in person for the first time in years. fluffymark continues fluffy and stroky, and timeplease continues cute and flirtable. And it's always good to see lethargic_man.

compilerbitch and doseybat very kindly invited me to stay over on Sunday after the remains of the party had departed. I was very glad indeed to get the chance to talk to them properly; I am incredibly fond of them both and we have the kind of conversations that are only possible with really good friends. Plus compilerbitch made us proper food Sunday evening, by which time I was really craving lettuce.

This morning compilerbitch gave me a lift to Cambridge (and showed me her office in the computer lab). Then I met up with lyssiae who is indeed a very fun person. We went to the bit of the illuminated manuscripts exhibition that is in the UL, (since the Fitzwilliam is annoyingly closed on Mondays). And then to Clowns for a very tasty lunch (homemade Italian-style raspberry icecream that tasted almost more intensely of raspberries than the actual fruit. Just wow.) And we chatted the whole time and it was all delightful. Yay cool LJ connections.

OK, I'm not liking the insane humidity and I'm kind of tired (understatement). But that was an extremely lovely long weekend.
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