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My mother invited an eclectic crowd of people for Rosh HaShana, and we had a very pleasant meal. She was amusingly careful to avoid saying in so many words that one of the guests just happens to be the archetypal Nice Jewish Boy and omigosh isn't it a coincidence that he happens to be single... Yes, I like him (from what I could tell from one evening's acquaintance); no, I'm not interested.

Second day RH, compilerbitch came over. We had a very fun evening in which she showed me the paper she's working on and proselytized for Latech (sp?) And we talked about language learning and this and that and suddenly it was midnight. Yay conversation, but my apologies for keeping you so late, compilerbitch.

Now doseybat is back in the country, even more yay. I went into Cambridge with her and compilerbitch and we had a really enjoyable afternoon, jumping about between serious conversation about The Future and Relationships, and being very silly and winding eachother up lots. We ate a very late lunch in Clowns (I am becoming obsessed with that place, particularly the icecream which tastes of FRUIT and makes people's eyes go big when they taste it.)

We ran into one MK in the street. This is not my friend MK the crystallographer who lives in Australia, this is MK the jazz musician we used to know in Oxford. I'd pretty much lost touch with her and therefore had no idea that she was in Cambridge doing a PhD in social anthropology, (studying minority cultures in China, noch). And she's broken up with the older guy she seemed pratically married to, but is still singing professionally. She asked very tenderly after darcydodo and in her usual way, thoroughly charmed Bat and Sarah, and we had a thoroughly pleasant chat over coffee.

Having caught the social bug, I'm planning to be at Coffee in Borders tomorrow. I'd like some mobile numbers of people who are planning to be there, just to make sure the logistics work out. karen2205, could you email me (@lj), please? But anyway, if you want to see me but find it easier to get to London than Cambridge, tomorrow evening would be a good opportunity.
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