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Yom Kippur 5766

*emerges blinking*

OK, I survived. This year's service had even more of a death theme than usual for Yom Kippur (and I don't mean that in a goth way). I'll possibly discuss it in a bit more detail once I've recovered. For now, I'll just quote
Those we could trust have passed away,
whose power came from their own good deeds.
They had the strength to stand up to evil,
protecting others from its consequences.
Their example is still our defence
and our shelter.
With their words they conquered anger,
by their prayers they overcame bitterness.
Before they even asked You answered them
for they knew the meaning of prayer
and the way to forgiveness.
Because of them You had pity like a father
and never sent them away empty.
Those who could fill our emptiness,
who could transform dark times,
have passed away and perished.
Those who could face evil, who had the strength
to seek You, are dead and gone.
We wander all over the world,
but who can fill their place!
Unfortunately, the Reform prayer book is a bit inconsistent about attributing stuff, so I have no idea when this was written or by whom. From the style it's probably Mediaeval, but it might be someone modern writing in a deliberately Mediaeval style, who knows? I'm assuming the translation is original to the prayerbook committee so © 1985. Anyway, I think that sums up the atmosphere of today's service.

I hope everyone who's been fasting today found what they were seeking and didn't suffer too much.
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