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Sociable weekend

My manic socializing round continued this weekend. Friday evening I joined a bunch of Reform Students for a Friday night service; they are a lovely crowd and Friday nights are something that has been missing from my life recently.

Saturday I took my cousin H to synagogue. We heard the haftarah read in Ladino, which was very cool. Also the service leader had everybody in fits of laughter reading straight from Talmud, the section on what constitutes a valid succah. Sometimes the actual Talmud is funnier than any parody; on this occasion they were debating whether an elephant can be used as one wall of the succah. (That paragraph has a load of jargon; do ask if you're really interested in the meaning of obscure Jewish terms.) It was also a very sunny day so I had a particularly pleasant walk across town to the station.

In the evening I headed to London for NZ's housewarming. There were a lot of people there, including the guy she was dating when I first met her in about 1999. This meant that it was rather too hot, but otherwise an excellent party. There was a pantomime theme; I went as Aladdin. pseudomonas wore the wonderful jester costume that he and hatam_soferet made, which was much admired. One thing that arose out of the theme was a rather memorable embrace between a guy dressed as a penitent monk in a sackcloth cowl, and a girl dressed in a natty velvet bodice, white miniskirt, fishnets and kneehigh boots. The fact that both happened to be rather attractive people did not hurt at all.

Too many people and too few hours for good sleep, but hey, it was worth it. And NZ made us a fry-up and plenty of tea in the morning and it was all sociable and lovely. I met up with lethargic_man late morning, and we took a boat from Westminster to Greenwich. We had fun in the Maritime Museum but mainly took the opportunity to hang out and chat and catch up. lethargic_man is a really good person to go to museums with; he tends to know loads of background information about stuff he's interested in.

We're still inclined to get a bit emotional around eachother at times, but we cope ok with that. lethargic_man mentioned that I seem to be getting over him these days; it doesn't feel like it to me, but perhaps I'm doing better than I think.

In conclusion, I really like my friends.
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