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A few days ago, (in a locked post), angeyja asked:

What is on your kitchen table? When you look up from typing, what is around you where you are today?

My kitchen table is more or less clear, because I'm living with a tidiness-obsessed grandmother. There are a couple of newspapers open to the sudoku page, cos Granny is very endearingly teaching herself to solve them. And stuff I've set out for the butternut squash and ginger soup I'm in the process of making: a hand blender to smush the vegetables once cooked, and a sealed plastic bowl to store the soup in, and the wooden spoon I'm using to stir the cooking soup sporadically, resting on a coaster.

I'm sitting just by a window, so when I look up I can see a bunch of bright red berries and beyond that, rain-drenched darkness. No light coming from my Dad's office across the way, which combines with the early darkness to make me very much aware how alone I am. Within the room, a rack of CDs behind me, the synagogue's library on the shelves above me, a filing cabinet with discarded electronic gadgets stored on top of it, a very old-fashioned iron fire safe, a cork notice board with a red AIDS ribbon pinned to it, and a set of small plastic drawers containing Lego™ filed according to shape and function (yes, we were very nerdy children!).

My clutter is all over my desk and most other surfaces; I like to work with clutter from ongoing stuff, I don't like to tidy up until I've completely finished with something. This (6 foot square) computer room is the only place where I'm allowed to have ongoing clutter in this house, and I make the most of it. Empty teacup, bits of paper with scribbled notes, several books I'm still discussing, a Tanach (Hebrew Bible), a hairband, a cheque book, a folder containing papers to do with jobs I'm applying for, my address book...

It's odd being in such a big house almost on my own. Granny mostly keeps to herself, though she's being more social than usual at the moment; I think she misses having people around too. I'm rather enjoying her company, and she seems to find me not too annoying. With Mum not around she feels less compelled to do ridiculously more housework than she can cope with, and understandably enough being less exhausted tends to improve her mood!

I'm spending a lot of time staring vaguely at LJ, displacing from getting stuff organized for the trip next week and displacing from writing emails, even though neither of those things is arduous. I think the lack of sunlight as well as the lack of human contact are getting to me a little (though I did see pseudomonas on Monday, which I enjoyed).
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