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Reasons to be cheerful

All the new people who recently friended me are probably thinking my journal is full of whining and downbeat stuff, judging by the last couple of entries. In fact, my odd mood of yesterday is quite dispelled. Welcome, people; this is normally a happy place with lots of tea.

Spice is good for the bluesy feelings induced by truly miserable weather and lack of sunlight. My butternut squash soup where I was very liberal with the ginger has turned out delicious, and is also bright orange, which hurts not at all. And I put extra garlic in my mushroom and pasta bake, the one that also involves double cream and three different kinds of cheese. And tea is good for just about any human problem, and when just tea doesn't cut it the addition of cardamom, cinnamon and a little ginger does wonders.

Retail therapy: I've won two eBay auctions for things I've been coveting for a while. Some The Sims games (original; I'm waiting to get TS2 until I have a better computer, which means until I have more money), and a VNV Nation CD. They probably won't arrive before I leave, mind you, but knowing they are coming is still a happy thing!

I am more blessed in my friends than I can easily describe. pseudomonas and rysmiel both got in touch with me after I posted a somewhat downbeat entry, and were sympathetic and chatty and generally wonderful. Lots of other people are being nice to me too. Wow, my friends are all thoughtful and lovely and really nice to me, and I'm sorry to everyone I've been whiny at recently.

Also, my friends list has angsty gay pirates in Shakespearean pentameter. You should read it even if none of those elements appeal to you, because it's also stunningly good.
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