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Free internet!

Singapore airport has free internet! How cool is that? OK, I can only have 15 minutes at a time, but still. This I call civilized.

So anyway, I made it to Singapore, and had a lovely lovely lovely day with S&S. Also turned up in the lab and had lunch with my former Uberboss. Singapore is very unlike anywhere else I've ever been, which is perhaps not surprising as I've never actually set foot in the whole continent of Asia before now. The city is full of jungle, and very ethnically / culturally mixed. And you get get a whole (tasty, mostly Chinese-style) meal for $3 (under 1 pound), but a cup of coffee costs about $10. Lots of very cool holy places for various religions; the Hindu temples have hundreds and hundreds of little figures all over, and the Chinese ones have dragons, yay.

Thanks to everyone who has emailed me; this isn't really the best situation to reply to everyone, but I have been reading and I'm glad to hear from you.

On to Oz in a couple of hours...
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