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Dear subconscious,

What do you mean, having no job and no serious prospect of a job doesn't provide enough anxiety material? Well, how about an impending very long and complicated flight? My grandmother being ill and lots of other people I care about in difficult situations? Not even geography? There's always geography and ensuing separation from people I need to be near!

With all this, I really don't think there was any call to come up with a nightmare in which LJ was a sinister force of evil. I'm not terribly impressed, and I resent being deprived of restful sleep.

No love.
Oh, and the real purpose of this post was to point to my full review of The Worm Ouroboros, inspired by some discussion of the book that got going because I mentioned it in passing in another post.

Update on my life: not much of tremendous import. I've been pottering around a bit, doing some touristy stuff and going out to meals to celebrate various family birthdays. My main achievement is talking to people who might be useful professional contacts (again, details may happen in locked posts). I'm enjoying myself here in spite of last week's catastrophe, but I'm also very much looking forward to going home. Thanks to everyone who's got in touch; it's really good to feel I'm still connected to my people (even if I was a bit grumpy in my previous post).
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