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On my way home

I'm in Singapore and considerably less than half-way home. If I have to spend 3 hours in an airport in the middle of the night, Singapore makes the experience a lot less unpleasant than it might be. But still. I wish someone would hurry up and invent teleportation; this journey is ridiculously long and annoying, even considering how far I'm trying to travel.

Also, my period has chosen today to pounce on me, after lulling me into a false sense of security by leaving me alone for half a year (and without even being pregnant, yay). And I'm getting recurrences of those annoying "migraines" (or whatever they were) I was having back in the summer. I have no reason to think these two events are correlated, mind you.

All being well I'm expecting to be back in Cam at around tea-time today. Which will be over 36 hours after leaving Melbourne, not too impressive. I'm still appreciating the free internet, cos not being cut off for that time removes one of the worst aspects of travelling. Save me some snow and some tea, won't you?
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