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Summary of Australian trip

I'm hoping to expand some of these soon, but I want to start by making a list so I don't forget what I want to talk about!

  • Singapore
  • Melbourne
Books Films: People
  • SC (former colleague from Dundee
  • SM (SC's boyfriend)
  • (Former) Überboss D
  • My uncle D and his family: D's partner C, and my cousins Little Cousin J, Little Cousin S and Littlest Cousin B
  • An assortment of my uncle D's friends
  • usuakari and tooticky
  • Granny's friend P and her husband
  • MK and his family: Mrs K and the Most Adorable boy in the world
  • Some friends of MK's, Jessie and Silke
  • Singaporean Hawker Centre food
  • Authentic Breton Crêpes at Breizoz
  • Exciting Greek food at Stalactite
  • Vietnamese fast food
  • Lots of what I would classify as trendy cafe food
  • Fairly standard Indian and Chinese meals
  • Eccentric veggie food at Soulmama
  • Icecream. Lots and lots and lots of very yummy icecream and some yummy gelato
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