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Happy new year

I had a very enjoyable NYE chez shreena. Lots and lots of fun conversation, good food, moderate amounts of alcohol, good mixture of people; in short, pretty much an ideal party. Nice to catch up with elemy and jacquic (who should both post more), and another Persegirl (who should get an LJ in the first place). Also nice to meet some new people (awroe, smhwpf, synergetic, who mostly have sufficiently overlapping cirlces with mine that it was only a matter of time before we actually bumped into eachother).

At midnight we listened to Big Ben on Radio 2, and watched fireworks from shreena's conveniently large window, and waved to some revellers in the street who were being drunk and silly in cute ways. Then we carried on chatting for about another four hours.

The journey back sucked very much. Travelled with neonchameleon as far as London, and then things went very pear-shaped in ways involving a two-hour delay and much faffing about to get me home slightly after 8 pm. At which point Mum's insanely huge chanukah party was just wrapping up, so I spent about an hour and a half washing up, while being polite and smiley to all the guests who wandered into the kitchen with vaguely helpful intentions.

At some point the guests actually managed to leave (yes, I know you're Jewish, but did you really have to stand in the doorway for quite that long?), then food and collapsing into bed happened. We have lots of yummy leftovers from the party, including quite ridiculous amounts of cheeeeese. Happy new year, all.
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