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Social diary

I had a lovely weekend. I was in synagogue as usual Saturday morning, then spent the evening at pseudomonas' housewarming party.

Definitely a geek party, and in a good way, with conversations about all kinds of random and highly abstract topics. For example, mobbsy brought a bottle of wine that was locked in a puzzle, and everybody was far more interested in the puzzle than the wine, ignoring several easily accessible bottles! It was cool to meet lots of pseudomonas' people, many of whom I have multiple connections to and had vaguely heard of / encountered on LJ. j4 (whom I did already know) made me laugh till I could hardly breathe. Anyway, lots of lovely people. And pseudomonas made stew; yay for real food at parties.

I kidnapped doseybat after the party and we had a very lovely evening and morning together. My parents are big Bat fans and even Granny was in a sociable mood. I enjoy doseybat's company so much.
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