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I had another lovely weekend, yay.

Mum had a good friend of hers over for Friday night. In some ways she's kind of an unlikely friend for my mother; she's not much interested in the sort of cultural / intellectual stuff Mum cares about, and she's a terrible gossip (whereas Mum always sees the best in everyone). But despite being a bit high drama, she's a sweet person. So she and her husband came over, and my mother is really not very good at informal suppers, so the evening turned into something of an accidental dinner party. I have no objection at all to an evening of good food and good conversation, mind you.

Saturday I went to shul as usual, though in fact I hadn't been for a couple of weeks for various reasons. And it was a special be-extra-welcoming-to-students event, so that was fun, because the Progressive students turned out in force. And they are good value both as individuals and as a group, and don't at all care that I'm old and technically no longer a student. Anyway, I was in a very good mood anyway due to reading such a wonderful book. Being in that sort of state of loving anything and anyone makes it that much easier to love God and my community. (I know that sounds a bit weird; I could rephrase it as doing something that I find cheering when I'm already extremely happy.)

Then I headed to compilerbitch and doseybat's place. And we drank lots and lots and lots of tea, and had many wonderful conversations. We even had fish and chips; I am amazed that it's possible to find a decent fish supper this far south! Bat and Sarah are both dealing with PhD stress just now, but they were ever so hospitable in spite of that, and it's so lovely to see them. Living near doseybat and compilerbitch is definitely one of my favourite things about this weird unintentional gap year I've ended up with.
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