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I could really do without this sort of thing

I've just spent three hours fiddling and power cycling and stressing trying to get our internet connection to work. This may or may not be connected to the fact that Dad's computer is having serious power problems and blowing lots of fuses. Maman is ranting that computers are more trouble than they're worth and we were better off with card indexes and typewriters and we're going to bankrupt ourselves upgrading obsolete and malfunctioning machines...

Anyway, as you can see, I'm online right now so it's working again, but that was stress I didn't need when I'm in the middle of delicate job negotiations. And the other annoying consequence is that I don't have time to contact all the people I was planning to contact this evening. Sorry especially to pseudomonas; I suck for letting you down two days in a row.

But anyway, let me just say globally, thank you so much for all your really helpful comments on my last (locked) post. You are absolutely wonderful friends and counsellors, and I continue to be grateful for how well my life goes with your collective support.
Tags: meta, quotidian

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