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The good sort of busy

I have had such a fun week, and I would really like to write about it in detail, but I don't think I'll have time. So, summary. I've been in London most of the week, though I was at the Carlton for timeplease's birthday celebration on Monday evening. Tuesday afternoon with timeplease (yay timeplease being seen outside his pubs!), Tuesday evening in Borders with lots of cool people, then I stayed over with compilerbitch and doseybat. The point of the trip was to see MK and family on Wednesday, and we had a great time, mostly in the Science Museum. Then met up with NZ and her bloke and the three of us attended the young Masorti learning event along with lethargic_man, curious_reader and a bunch of other cool people. And I stayed over chez NZ after that.

During the course of this I got invited to lots of stuff this weekend, so I'm about to go back to London this afternoon. Hence the lack of time to talk about how much fun I've been having with all my friends this week, or the yummy food I've been eating, or the fuckwitted racists I've encountered. Will probably next have spare time for LJ on Monday.
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