Not sheepish, but individ-ewe-al (livredor) wrote,
Not sheepish, but individ-ewe-al

Long lost friends

brenna26 stopped by yesterday in the middle of her mad driving tour of most of western Europe. So nice to see her, and she doesn't update her journal so I was behind on what's going on in her life.

We walked to Wandlebury, about 5 or 6 miles round trip by the time we'd wandered around the hilltop. It was the most gorgeous spring day ever, everything in blossom and in bud, and loads of birds around. *bounce* It's good to get away from the computer screen and out into the countryside. We even had to climb a couple of fences and crawl through hedges to avoid taking ridiculous long ways round.

brenna26 also made a very good impression on my parents and they both told her loads of legal stories and generally babbled at her. Yay.

This morning darcydodo phoned; she's being hermitty and ignoring LJ to concentrate on work. So it's particularly good to hear from her. It turns out she's been hearing my major life news from linley, which is a bad thing (though thank you for passing that on, linley). I should remember to contact her directly if she's not watching LJ! Anyway it was a good time to phone since she knows brenna26 from roleplaying connections anyway.

According to one particular metric at least, pseudomonas is one of the 10 most popular users on LJ!
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