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Travelling: London
Tuesday, 11 April 2006 at 05:16 pm

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I had to be in London yesterday afternoon, so I took the excuse to get away from the pesach preparations and see some friends. So, lunch with ewtikins and hairyears in a fairly upmarket but not excessively expensive Thai place in the city (can either of you remind me the exact name of the restaurant?)

Some communication difficulties coupled with the fact that most people, you know, work during the day meant that I had a few hours to wander around London. ewtikins is a great inspiration when it comes to city walking. I was really looking for a library where I could get online, and in fact ended up in the Guildhall, which is rather a magnificent place to be frantically checking email! But I found some cool stuff on the way, Dr Johnson's house and the Temple Bar and my favourite of all, a charming late Victorian memorial to people who got themselves killed in the course of heroic rescues...

Succeeded in meeting up with blue_mai in the end, and we headed to Hackney for tasty Vietnamese food, and then on to the Pembury to see timeplease. So we had lots of fun conversation, timeplease joining in when the bar wasn't too busy. timeplease fed [before anyone yells at me, there isn't a drink equivalent for the word feed] me some very interesting beer known as Duchesse de Bourgogne, which is red. And very very tasty; it's quite similar to the beer base that fruit beer is made of, and it's sour rather than bitter. timeplease may convert me into a beer drinker yet, though developing a taste for some obscure Belgian stuff I can only get in the Pembury may not be the cleverest plan.

Unfortunately, it's also quite strong. I can be grateful that the alcohol made me sleepy rather than depressed, but I don't think I was much fun company for blue_mai on the way home. Highlight of the bus trip across London was a bunch of people in elaborate 50s clothes.

Now I'm home and yay, P'tite Soeur is here (with her Bloke!) and Screwy is coming home this evening and Thuggish Poet tomorrow. Getting to see the sibs makes up a lot for the general stress of Pesach. Which reminds me that I should stop skiving on LJ and go and help with chores.

Whereaboooots: London, UK
Moooood: tiredtired
Tuuuuune: Pink Floyd: Comfortably numb
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hairyears: default
Date:April 12th, 2006 12:28 am (UTC)
7 hours after journal entry, 01:28 am (hairyears's time)

The restaurant was (and still is) Sri Siam City. Sorry I had to rush off for the interview in Docklands!

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