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Tuesday, 25 April 2006 at 08:53 am
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Er, well, actually this post is mainly about shopping, but that would be a much more boring title! I decided to go into town yesterday in order to get a few things I need for moving. But Mum and Granny got on my back about buying new clothes, which I don't really need (now or ever), and the trip turned into this marathon clothes shopping expedition of doom. But boobies were involved too, so I supopse that makes it a bit better.

Things I bought: Swedish dictionary and one of those teach yourself language courses, which I actually needed. But Swedish dictionaries are hard to find, and the one I did get is rather expensive and not very good. A bunch of light jumpers and cardigans and things, including a little denim jacket which I'm rather taken with. I would have been happy to do without them altogether, but since I don't want to quarrel with Mum and Granny, at least I bought them in extreme end of season sales, so I got a lot of clothes for relatively little money.

Things I failed to find: pyjamas which do the basic job of keeping me warm in bed. Everything for sale at the moment is ridiculously skimpy, and I don't have a moral problem with semi-indecent pyjamas, I have a practical one. Supposedly "sexy" pyjamas fail in their primary job of keeping me warm, and they don't do any good either because if there were anyone around to care what I look like in bed, I'd most likely sleep naked.

Any sensible shoes at all. High heels will make me fall over, sandals are not allowed in labs (for good reason) and everything flat-heeled on sale at the moment has no arch support and no ankle support and will not do for a job where I'll be on my feet all day. In the end I bought the faithful old Ecco black laceups, which are very good shoes but they also cost £60 (eep!)

Any trousers whatsoever which remotely fit. I think it's a combination of rather low waisted styles continuing to be in fashion, and the fact that the stable point for my weight appears to be drifting lower these days. I am not intentionally losing weight, but it's happening anyway, and it's sure as eggs not disappearing from my hips and bottom. So even more than usual, I have a smaller waist and bigger hips than the makers of women's clothes seem to expect (I'm also short, which doesn't help). But it's annoying to find lots of rather lovely trousers and have to discard them all because they are absolutely unwearable (not just vaguely wrong, but completely unwearable due to the cut). I think when the cold weather comes I'm going to go in for leggings under skirts; it seems to be my only option.

Anyway, the promised boobies. I did the Bravissimo thing, as recommended by a number of well-endowed friends. It was an interesting experience; their idea is that instead of measuring you with a tape-measure, the assisant watches you trying bras on and adjusts the size until you get something that fits perfectly. Which is probably a good idea, given the vagaries of clothes manufacturers generally! And it wasn't too intrusive; the assistant was very matter-of-fact about it, which I very much approve of. She offered to go out of the room while I changed bras, so even if you were shy you wouldn't have to do deal with a stranger seeing you topless; I'm not shy, and her obviously sensible attitude meant I didn't care.

I came out as 32E, in line with the Bravissimo theory that most women need to go down in back size and up in cup size to get a good fit. But 32E is really into Barbie doll territory! I can cope with the idea of being an E-cup, but how can there only be 32 inches around my chest?! Anyway, I bought this bra in the end. It's functional rather than wonderful, but I am impressed with how well it fits. Oh, and it's slightly more expensive than I would normally pay for a basic M&S bra, but not ridiculously so. And they didn't pressure me into buying anything, which I was worried about with all that personal attention.

Bravissimo has a good range, including sexy, plain, colourful, feminine, something for almost every taste. And this was reflected by their clientele, which did seem to include women of all ages and dress styles (I'm assuming people's tastes in bras vaguely reflects their tastes in outer clothes, but of course one never knows!) The trouble is that what I want in a bra is that it should be made mostly out of cotton (synthetics against my skin are sweaty and horrible), and that it should not have a horrible piece of wire under my breasts. And in any lingerie shop those preferences restrict my choices a bit. The assistant said that underwired styles are lot less uncomfortable if they fit properly, and she did demonstrate this principle, but I still prefer elastic rather than wire.

The other thing that's interesting about Bravissimo is the area where you wait to be assigned to a fitter. It's nice, with comfy chairs and a generally pleasant ambience. But the table has a stack of men's magazines! Obviously they have a lot of customers who drag bored boyfriends along and make them wait while they're being fitted. And they're carefully chosen men's magazines too, hobby mags and Men's Health and so on, rather than lad mags. I can imagine that women waiting for bra fitting would feel very uncomfortable if there were a stack of Nuts and Loaded in the waiting area! Interesting anthropological observation, though.

Anyway, that shopping trip took about 7 hours, which is time I can't really afford and is an extremely annoying way to waste a whole day. Also, I feel as if I'm sickening for something, something vaguely tonsilitis shaped. Which I really don't need when I'm about to move to Sweden! I really hope I'm wrong.

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syllopsium: carwash
Date:April 25th, 2006 09:39 am (UTC)
1 hours after journal entry

Shopping *and* boobies?

Surely it only needs chocolate and cats to make it into a perfect post?

Are there really no warm pyjamas in M&S/Debenhams/BHS or do they just look horribly mumsy? The alternative is a t shirt and a pair of night shorts although I'm sure they have heating overseas :).

There isn't only 32" round your chest as a tape measure will prove - it's more likely to be 36"-38" around the fullest bit of your boobs due to the way bra sizing works. On the other hand your underbust is significantly less than 32" - so, yes, you're slim and busty although nowhere near the almost unobtainable proportions of a Barbie.

I wouldn't worry too much about Swedish dictionaries - the one you have should provide basic vocab and I'm willing to bet Swedish to English dictionaries will be easy to pick up once you get there.
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livredor: teeeeeeeeea
Date:April 25th, 2006 10:35 am (UTC)
2 hours after journal entry, 10:35 am (livredor's time)

Re: Shopping *and* boobies?

I hate shopping. Even chocolate and boobies are not going to turn it into a pleasant way to spend the whole of Monday. But I suppose it's good if it makes for an enjoyable post.

I did look in all the mumsy places, because mumsy pyjamas is pretty much what I'm after. I think it's because it's summer, but everything on sale was either sleeveless or very short sleeved, including the stuff in plaid or floral prints which usually isn't intended to be sexy. And just skimpy, very little material even in the things which were cut to cover a bit more of the wearer than some options. Maybe the solution is the men's section; it often is when the clothes I want aren't available. Or, yeah, just sleep in a tsshirt and some old shorts or something. Thing is, I have old ragged pyjamas and discarded XL tshirts already, but I went shopping because I wanted new stuff.

As I understand the system, the back size measurment for bras is meant to be under the breasts, and the cup size takes into account the size of the breasts themselves. 32 inches sounds small, I mean, there's my ribs and lungs under there, even if I were skeletal! But you're right, calling it Barbie-doll is exaggerated.

I agree it's possible for women to be slim and busty; Bravissimo has a marketing niche precisely because it recognizes this physiological fact, unlike most women's clothes brands. I just don't think of myself that way; I think of myself as being plump with about average breasts. Oh well, being hourglassy is supposed to be attractive even if it makes it hard to find clothes. (And everyone who isn't absolutely dead average complains about how hard it is to find clothes that fit, so I shouldn't whinge about it.)
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livredor: likeness
Date:April 25th, 2006 10:39 am (UTC)
2 hours after journal entry, 10:39 am (livredor's time)
I'm very favourably impressed with Bravissimo, and hey, even if you don't find anything appropriate, you've not lost much by trying.

Many women claim that (within reason, at least) pointy high heels can be comfortable. I think the secret is probably to learn a different gait, which of course high heels are intended to encourage. Myself, I won't wear uncomfortable clothes for the sake of vanity, but I'm not sure that's a particularly virtuous principle on my part. It's more that I'm lazy, and I tell myself I'm fairly plain anyway so there's no point putting effort (or money or pain) into my appearance.
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livredor: letters
Date:April 25th, 2006 04:23 pm (UTC)
7 hours after journal entry, 04:23 pm (livredor's time)
*bounce* Thank you. I think Bravissimo is indeed a very good choice of name.
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Date:April 25th, 2006 12:33 pm (UTC)
4 hours after journal entry


is simply the best shop for seriously curvy women EVERYWHERE. You're right about the assistants working there - I'm a desperate prude when it comes to my body and I've never felt uncomfortable when trying on bras in a Bravissimo shop. Even though I've most often been in the Ealing branch, this has also been my experience in the Oxford shop: so it's clearly not an isolated thing. Hurrah for well fitting-bras!

Now all they have to do is open a few branches over here. But preferably somewhere sensible, ie, not Amsterdam :P
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livredor: teeeeeeeeea
Date:April 25th, 2006 04:25 pm (UTC)
7 hours after journal entry, 04:25 pm (livredor's time)


Yay, I'm pleased to hear that you enjoy Bravissimo too. And the not making you feel uncomfortable is such an important thing. Women get quite enough bombarded with inadequacy vibes from all directions, so every haven we can get matters. I do hope they expand internationally, at least partly because it pleases me when good businesses do well.
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sammee42: default
Date:April 25th, 2006 12:58 pm (UTC)
4 hours after journal entry, 07:58 am (sammee42's time)
I see that _Bravissimo_ is for 'big-boobed women' (which is really a funny way for a professional establishment to put it), but why are all the models tiny-chested? It says that the lingerie are for celebrating curves, but ... no curves, as far as I can see! Plus, I am disappointed that my tiny boobies will get me disqualified. *tsk tsk*
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livredor: ewe
Date:April 25th, 2006 04:32 pm (UTC)
8 hours after journal entry, 04:32 pm (livredor's time)
You're very right with this comment. I would very much have preferred to see genuinely curvy models associated with the brand. But on the plus side, at least they look as if they're enjoying themselves, they're not doing the porn-model vacant stare and fuck-me poses you see with a lot of lingerie models.

I think using phrases like big-boobed women is part of the Bravissimo brand. They're rather into distracting your attention from the fact that they're a business which is there to do boring things like make money, and want to project an image of being fun and friendly and cool.

It's true that small-breasted women would also benefit from a lingerie chain that doesn't treat women like hunks of meat. I guess Bravissimo are assuming that small-breasted women are either adequately catered by the mainstream market, or aren't likely to spend a lot of effort and money on bras. Perhaps they'll expand their basic concept one day though.
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(no subject) - sammee42 (4/25/06 06:15 pm)
adrian_turtle: default
Date:April 25th, 2006 02:11 pm (UTC)
5 hours after journal entry
You might be able to find men's pajamas to suit you, relatively plain silk shorts and shirt. They tend to be made of more substantial fabric than women's pajamas. I suggest the kind with shorts because anything designed for a man is going to be designed for someone much taller than you, which is a problem for long pants.

For future reference, low-heeled shoes that are *almost* right but don't have arch support can sometimes by fixed by getting a set of supportive molded insoles and putting them under the liner. I got some at Ecco, to upgrade my snowboots from "warm and waterproof" to "warm, waterproof, and suitable for walking long distances in comfort."
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livredor: teapot
Date:April 25th, 2006 04:39 pm (UTC)
8 hours after journal entry, 04:39 pm (livredor's time)
Thank you for this advice. Silk shorts and shirt in a plain style as designed for men would probably be just the thing. I shall look out for something like that next time I manage to drag myself into a clothes shop.

I'm not sure I'd know what almost right shoes would feel like. I know that everything I tried on either I couldn't get into (I have very square feet), or they were uncomfortable to walk in for 30 seconds so it was pretty obvious I wasn't going to be comfortable standing in them for hours on end. But insoles may well be worth investigating.
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(no subject) - sea_bright (4/25/06 07:43 pm)
blue_mai: bus
Date:April 25th, 2006 06:03 pm (UTC)
9 hours after journal entry, 06:03 pm (blue_mai's time)
i almost wrote a shopping entry myself last week but i've been rather remiss and busy...
so - if you ever come across a bra shop that caters also for small breasted women do let me know. i find it really really hard to by 'proper' bras. most of the time it doesnt matter, but you cant wear crop tops with fitted dresses, it just isnt right... i had some very plain non-wired ones (i think they were trainer bras) from HK starting from about 10 years ago, everytime i went over i would buy a few, but then that shop closed down and they are all pretty much past wearing now. i was very surprsied to find one that fit in m&s recently, i may go get another. it is moulded and wired though, and i'd really like a simple everyday, non-wired cotton thing that actually fits and is comfortable. they have nice styles that look like they should fit, but obviously they consider me to be outside of a normal size range. you reminded me actually, that getting fitted at a proper shop (i was thinking of rigby & peller but i have no idea really) and maybe getting a custom bra was on my list of "things to do when no longer an impoverished student". can't afford the custom bra yet but i can certainly afford at least 1 decent one.
m&s rant: i want to buy stuff from there, i like the styles, but they make it really difficult. as an example i saw some nice socks, the fairly expensive kind you buy in single pairs. so i bought a pair each of a couple of styles, to see if they were any good. i like both of them, so went back for more... this was a few months ago and i have quite persistently tried many branches, the internet, mid-week, weekend... no more good socks! late autumn, just as the cold was coming in, i went to get some thermal underwear. m&s is the place everyone thinks of for that kind of stuff. there i am in one of the big central london shops, next to several other women all looking at the distinctly empty thermal underwear racks... not just a fluke, i went back (yes i am persistent!) and they just hadn't seemed to stock them properly. rubbish. m&s rant over.
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blue_mai: bus
Date:April 25th, 2006 06:37 pm (UTC)
10 hours after journal entry, 06:37 pm (blue_mai's time)
briefly then, basically style was making me miserable. i didnt want to have to chose, i didnt want a look. but you know me, i like clothes, i like dressing up. i wanted some new clothes but i didnt want to go shopping, and i didnt want the clothes i saw. i wanted some vague idea of clothes in my head. i made some stuff but dont have a sewing machine myself nor that much time really and i'm not a very good seamstress... hey i know why i didnt post this before, it's nonsense, doesnt make any sense! oh dear. ok anyway, crisis over. phew. it's like a mental stumbling block of perception, this problem, and it has resolved itself, aren't you happy for me?
my usual mode of clothes shopping is to see stuff in windows or to wander into places unplanned (in between buying cds). week before last i had the day off and i went shopping - i planned on shopping all day - and i was really looking forward to it (has someone been putting something in my water?) in the end i met family and only went for a few hours, but i was pleased. then last week me and the boy both had day off and we went shopping. and i bought this absolutely wicked pair of boots. now the aim of both days was to buy a new pair of black combat trousers and hunt for the elusive pair of funky and comfy shoes (good for clubbing and strutting alike) and i didnt even make a start on either. but still, i am now a happy shopper. the boots are great - mid-calf red suede and a 4" heel! i've hardly worn heels since undergrad and they feel really wierd.
and suddenly i am dressing up more during the day, but it requires so much thinking. what am i going to wear? is swiftly followed by - what am i going to be doing today? cos i can only do the skirt and heels thing if i'm not going to be doing anything dangerous, out late, wandering about by myself etc. otherwise i feel way too vulnerable. so it's quite different having to plan, and think about that stuff. kinda restricting. i like spontaneous walks by myself at night. i definitely couldnt do heels everyday.
too much rambling, i will post at mine.
last - i frequently run for buses (or because i'm late) in pointy but only slightly heeled cowboy boots. not the most comfy but they are better for dancing than hiking boots /trainers, my other better-for-catching-buses options - you never know when you might be tempted to dance!
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Date:May 14th, 2006 05:31 pm (UTC)
19 days after journal entry

Hurrah for big boobies!

Yes I'm a bit behind with this whole blog thing, and have only just read this 2-week-old post. But hey, better late than never. And so I would just like to say that hurrah! You went to Bravissimo! [Though you should have bought the bra on where it would have cost you about a tenner]. And welcome to the ranks of the big breasted.....

With love from your P'Tite Soeur, who is not so P'Tite after all :o)
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