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My friends list are all far more interesting than I am

I don't have much content right now. But in the couple of months I have been here I've made mental notes of several very cool posts and discussions that I didn't have time to join in with. Mental notes don't persist forever, and besides, some of you guys who don't necessarily know eachother might appreciate some of these, so I'm going to post a list.

  • ploni_bat_ploni has an interesting post about the status of women in Orthodox Judaism. It's pretty technical stuff, but some of you at least, naomichana, kassrachel among others, are interested in technical discussions about details of Jewish law and practice. Worth reading the discussion, too; hatam_soferet makes some really fascinating observations in the discussion thread.

  • pir_anha was thinky and fascinating on the subject of listening and racism. Again, some of the discussion is really chewy.

  • pir_anha was riffing on a huge kerfuffle that is going on at the edges of my blogdar about cultural appropriation; misia has one of her usual really impressive posts on the topic

  • papersky on lying. Her post is vaguely connected to the constantine controversy, which is another of those big talking points I'm only peripherally aware of. But it covers a lot of ground and is fascinating in its own right.

  • cakmpls asks some good questions about intimacy and gets some quite thought-provoking answers. She is also discussing the lying / false identity issue in quite a lot of depth, so if you're interested in that several of her recent entries are worth checking out.

  • I wrote a really dumb post, probably the post I'm least proud of in the three years I've been on LJ. But to my startlement, my terrible post prompted some really good responses, both in the comments there from adrian_turtle and redbird and this post on feminism and violence from pir_anha. redbird has been throwing out some really interesting preliminary ideas about feminism and gender essentialism, but she says they're not ready for public consumption yet so I'm not linking. But I wanted to mention that I'm grateful for the discussion and for the ways she's making me think.

    That lot should keep you going until I have something interesting to report! And all the people I've linked have generally cool journals anyway, so if you're looking for new people to read and new perspectives, consider them recommended.
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