Not sheepish, but individ-ewe-al (livredor) wrote,
Not sheepish, but individ-ewe-al

Life is better with less geography

I'm at home. I got back safely at about half past midnight on Wednesday, which was according to the most optimistic version of my plan. And I had a nice lazy morning playing with my new computer and chatting to my parents.

Then hatam_soferet arrived, so pseudomonas and I spent the afternoon eating very tasty icecream in the Victoria café and then walking back to Shelford just because it was a nice day and we could.

Yesterday was equally lovely but equally non-dramatic; hatam_soferet was a star and helped me get started on organizing and packing my books (she's very good at it!) Then we wandered into town and met pseudomonas in the Botanic gardens. We also randomly ran into Dr T (my English teacher for most of secondary school) who was charming and suggested I was too old to be calling her by her title. There was further icecream involved, as it was a rather muggy day and good icecream is always good.

This probably doesn't sound particularly worth recording, but it's so very wonderful to be able to spend time with my friends just concentrating on them. And just generally yay. My plans for the rest of the visit involve more hanging out with friends (thank you to all the lovely people who have agreed to come to Cambridge while I'm here), and a bit more packing. And sleep and bookies and tea and all kinds of good things.
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