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News flash

Yay, my brother is home!

He's currently living in Bridget's in Cambridge, until he can sort out more permanent accommodation. He has a flat lined up in Brighton, and is planning to go back to Sussex to complete the final year of his degree. Between now and the start of the university term, he's planning to spend time camping at an illegal festival in the depths of the Home Counties, and travel round central Europe in his van with some mates. So no, not behaving like a decorous just out of hospital citizen, but if you know Screwy at all, you wouldn't expect anything else.

I realize that there are some people who read this who aren't going to have any idea what I'm on about. So, for the benefit of those people: About a year ago, my brother (whom I refer to in public posts by his old nickname, Screwy) fell and broke his neck. This accident left him almost completely paralyzed (though he has limited movement in his upper arms).

He's been in hospital since then; from August last year until around Easter because he actually needed hospital care and rehab training, up till now because it took that long to get through the bureaucracy of the welfare system. Cos obviously it makes economic sense to save on disability benefits by keeping someone in hospital unnecessarily for half a year, duh.

So this is really excellent news, Screwy was going mad being cooped up in hospital when he wasn't ill, so it's great that he can now start to get on with his life again. If you know people who know him and don't read LJ, please feel free to pass on this good news.
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