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Book: Jhereg

Author: Steven Brust

Details: (c) 1983 Steven KZ Brust; Pub Ace 1999 (compendium); ISBN 0-441-00615-9

Verdict: Jhereg is great fun!

Reasons for reading it: I was sidetracked by the author's forward into reading Yendi before this, so I needed to go back and read it.

How it came into my hands: rysmiel gave me the first three books of the Vlad Taltos series as a single-volume set.

Jhereg is not as technically polished as Yendi, but it's more exciting. It's a great story with some lovely characters, and as pacy as anything without compromising on subtlety. There's a few things I could nitpick, but I don't really feel like it; I just had so much fun reading the story. There were several occasions where I was exclaiming to myself how cool this book is, and several more when I was so completely absorbed in the story I wasn't even commenting on it.

I am glad I read Yendi first, because it would have been weird to read it knowing what was going to happen a year after the end of the book. But Jhereg is a much more powerful opening to the series. I would recommend Yendi to people who like the kind of book it is; I would recommend Jhereg to almost anyone.
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