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Happy new year!

Happy New Year, all. I'm really enjoying seeing everybody's retrospectives on 2006 on my flist, so I'll add one of my own:

Significant Events

  • I spent the first third of the year trying to cram about two years' worth of social life into a few months.
  • I finally got a post-doc job. []
  • I moved to Sweden.
  • I started to learn Swedish.
  • I discovered lots of hidden cool aspects of the Jewish community here.

    Hmm, this year hasn't been characterized by memorable events as such, it's been a gradual transition from the weird unintended gap year I found myself with, to starting the new job and settling in a new country and meeting lots of cool people. Anyway, to continue:


  • Jack Womack: Random acts of senseless violence
  • Emma Bull: War for the oaks
  • George RR Martin: The Armageddon Rag
  • Choderlos de Laclos: Les liaisons dangereuses
  • Ken MacLeod: The Stone Canal

    48 books total this year, which is pretty good going considering that I was rationing my reading severely for about 2 months.


    It's been a great year for discovering new music, mainly thanks to blue_mai and emusic. Hard to pick just five songs!
  • The Pipettes: Because it's not love (but it's still a feeling)
  • Quix*O*tic: Anonymous Face
  • Poe: Angry Johnny
  • Cat Power: Metal heart
  • Cowboy Junkies: Misguided Angel

    LJ posts

  • papersky: Tangled Web
  • pir_anha: Listening (also about racism and cultural appropriation and stuff).
  • trixtah: The definitive lesbianism FAQ (with some helpful general advice about sexuality thrown in too)
  • lavendersparkle: Feminist abortion polemic
  • sartorias: Adults

    My posts

    You are absolutely welcome to revive old discussions on these posts, by the way.
  • Science and religion
  • Immortality
  • Boobies!
  • Health and virtue
  • Abortion


  • hatam_soferet: Tefillin Barbie (craft)
  • papersky: Three bears Norse / Fairy Tale Mother (poetry)
  • j4: 9x9 for mortal men doomed to die (creative writing)
  • Age maps (not on LJ, but very cool digitally manipulated images).
  • compilerbitch: Yosemite (photography)

    Wonderful friends

  • doseybat
  • compilerbitch
  • pseudomonas
  • lethargic_man
  • rysmiel

    People I love and wish I'd seen more of

  • hatam_soferet
  • darcydodo
  • blue_mai
  • loreid
  • ewtikins

    People I'm really glad I got to know better

  • ploni_bat_ploni
  • CA (who temped with me at BoGS early in the year)
  • RS (work colleague)
  • megamole
  • fluffymark

    New to my friendlist

  • smhwpf
  • sartorias
  • cartesiandaemon
  • sunflowerinrain
  • spin0za1

    Friends from elsewhere who joined LJ

  • lavendersparkle (well, not really, but it was in 2006 that I connected up the LJ handle with the person)
  • tzotze
  • jongefrouwe

    I had a very enjoyable NYE, with a some friends of RS's who live right in the grand part of Stockholm and just round the corner from the perfect firework watching spot. It was a highly civilized party, with excellent food and excellent conversation. And the fireworks were great; lots and lots of separate parties who all let off their fireworks simultaneously at midnight, which is a lot more fun than one big firework show.
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