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I finished the evil grant application and submitted it about 40 minutes before the deadline. Yay for friends being supportive when I was whiny about it, and yay for Open Office being able to convert WP documents to pdf with a single click. In some ways I've had a fairly horrible week, spending most of it sitting at the computer without adequate social contact, food or sleep. But at least I have something to show for it, so on balance I feel good about myself!

I should probably mention that ploni_bat_ploni and I ran a very successful service last Friday evening. 30 people, which is about twice as many as came last time, and it went very well. PbP is a fantastic chazzan, and I am pretty good at all the aspects of leading a service that are not singing, so we make a good team. We were both absolutely worn ragged Friday afternoon, and we managed to rise above that and establish a good, prayerful atmosphere. The community here really need this option, and we might not be the best people to make it happen but we are the ones who are willing and at least competent.

I ended up getting invited to dinner afterwards, with the person who used to run this alternative service before PbP and I took over. That was a fun evening, with really good conversation. I had to be almost rude to drag myself away at midnight, though. So I slept in on Saturday and generally de-stressed myself instead of going to synagogue.

Bad things this week: I have managed to break my watchstrap and my teapot lid. Neither of these is a disaster but both are things I would have preferred not to break. Need to find some decent glue and a replacement strap, or failing that a new teapot and a new watch.

It's really sad that I rather appreciate Marilyn Manson's cover of Sweet dreams are made of this, isn't it? Also digging Dia Psalma at the moment, who appear to be a kind of Swedish version of the Levellers. To blame is the ultimate my-parents-don't-understand-me radio station, which is providing much of my background music these days. (Slogan: We can play whatever we want, which just about sums it up, assuming that "we" are disaffected teenagers.)

Need to book tickets and leave to come home for Passover, which is going to be around the 2nd April. I will probably be in England from the previous weekend till midweek. The following weekend is Easter, which might mean that the sensible thing for me to do is just stay the whole week. Alternatively I may come back to Sweden before the Easter weekend, possibly bringing doseybat with me as she'll have free time to visit then. If you don't see a post with logistics and planning for this trip by the end of next week, please do poke me.
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