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I have way over-scheduled this week. Which is a great improvement on the bit where I was failing to do anything except stare into space for days on end, but the fact is that I don't appear to have enough time left for eating and sleeping between now and Sunday. I certainly don't have time for LJ, or writing non-urgent emails, or finalizing the logistics for my trip to England next week.

So, brief summary: Thursday - arrive late; Friday - Cam with parents, maybe seeing pseudomonas; Saturday - Cam with parents, probably shul, potentially seeing anyone who can be in Cambridge that afternoon; Sunday - Cam with parents, helping with Pesach preparations; Monday - Pesach; Tuesday - recovering from Pesach, potentially Pembury in the evening if people are likely to be there, and if that happens, Tuesday night chez doseybat; Wednesday - see ewtikins in Leytonstone in the morning, lunch with daneres in somewhere Londonish, chez lethargic_man in the afternoon, Wednesday night either chez lethargic_man or back in Cam depending; Thursday - Kew gardens with parents and doseybat, return to Sweden with Bat.

If you are mentioned in this post, or if you feel like seeing me in Cambridge over the weekend, please get in touch, but please also don't expect a reply before Sunday at the earliest.

Also, I'm slightly peeved because people keep piling responsibilities onto me, and then being extremely unhelpful about allowing me to carry out those responsibilities. Can't sort this out until I have time to go and talk things through calmly with the people who are thus annoying me, but the unhelpfulness is exacerbating the over-scheduling.

*flap flap flap*
Tags: logistics

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