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Good company

Several minor domestic crises meant that I didn't make it into town on Friday, just stayed at home chilling out with the parents. I was falling-over tired by supper time, but decided I should at least stay up to greet Screwy when he arrived. It was a good thing that I did as he'd managed to forget a small but critical part of his lifting equipment and needed several people to help lift him into bed manually. But we chatted for hours so I still didn't manage to get a full night's sleep.

Saturday we went to synagogue. The community here are so dedicated that even the weekend before Passover we had a full congregation, so it was a good opportunity to catch up with lots of cool people. Screwy didn't make it until the final hymn but managed to do his gracious celebrity thing during Kiddush. The community have moved to a new and much more suitable venue which happens to be exactly opposite pseudomonas' flat. We decided we couldn't get Screwy into the flat on the first floor with no lift, so we went into town to hang out at ground level.

Lunch at Clowns, to relive our teenage years and because a place with a convivial atmosphere and cheap, hearty food and fantastic desserts is still a good thing. Then we moved to Jesus Green to continue our convoluted philosophical debates. We were so absorbed in the discussion that we brought pseudomonas back with us to continue it.

In order to give Mum a break after she'd been cooking all day, we decided to order takeaways from the new Indian restaurant that has just opened in Shelford. This turned out to be a complete farce; they kept us waiting for over two hours, and then admitted they'd lost our order. You can give them some leeway since it was Saturday night and they're very new, but this was way beyond reasonable. We managed to finish the Times Jumbo crossword while we were waiting, at least. Ended up with someone else's order which they'd given up waiting for, which fortunately didn't contain anything obviously treif but unfortunately was an order for two or three, not six. So we bulked it out with some rice and leftovers, and we were all relaxed enough that we took the fiasco calmly.

I still didn't get the early night I was hoping for though, what with eating so late, and another long conversation with Screwy. He doesn't believe in memes!!! I'm working on getting his arguments into a form I can post here so you guys can join in this debate.
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