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I've had a nice quiet weekend. Pottered about and did a bit of much-needed tidying on Friday, and spent today hanging out with ploni_bat_ploni. She told me at one point that I'm more interesting to talk to than HKB''H [way frum euphemism for God], which is quite the compliment! I came home through the most magnificent sunset, it started off golden with the light reflecting off the water and all the glass, and darkened so that the various spires and towers were silhouetted against orange and purple. It faded to more standard sunsetty red as I was walking home through clouds of lilac scent, almost palpable like too much incense, and the sky lit by the reflected light which persists for almost two hours after sunset at this time of year.

I haven't been incredibly sensible about getting to sleep, both Thursday night and Friday night I stayed up way too late on the basis of not having to get up the next day. No real harm done, though I did miss shul this morning. I think the light doesn't help with being sensible. I don't consciously try to stay up until it's dark, but it does make me more susceptible to thinking, just a few more minutes to finish this or that.

A few things are annoying me, such as burning my fingers cooking due to not concentrating properly on what I was doing, and my new neighbours having a thumpy music party, and my wireless connection being really flakey. But I have a new teapot filled with tasty tea, so it's definitely not all bad.

I'm still gradually working on my backlog of book reviews. So, Charles Frazier's Cold Mountain and Jack Rosenthal's autobiography.
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