May 26th, 2003


Random musings: fonts and layout

I've had complaints that my italic font is hard to read. So any suggestions what would be better?

The fashion these days seems to be for very small sans-serif, which I agree is attractive and readable, but it's not the look I want. I'm after something less Zeitgeist, more retro. (Not retro like the stunningly gorgeous compilerbitch's page, however much I am deeply jealous of it; I'm thinking more late Victorian into Belle Epoque sort of concept.)

Now obviously I could find some authentic period font, but I'm trying to be good and stick to the standard set. Maybe my best bet is to get some period backgrounds and borders and not bother with the font; artwork from the period I'm after is mostly out of copyright so this should be relatively easy.

As an additional thought, how come some people's user-specified fonts show up on friends lists, whereas mine return to the default even on the same friends lists? Cos assuming I do find what I'm after I'd like to have a consistent style.