June 8th, 2003



Well, I've just spent the entire evening fussing with my webpage. It's still far from perfect, but it's somewhat less boring, at least. And I'm also frustrated because I absolutely can't get my livejournal to match it any more; in particular I can't make it display a background image despite either following the faq intstructions carefully or stealing other people's code. Grr.

Anyway, while I'm on the displacement thing, there's a meme doing the rounds where people get their friends to interview them. I like this idea; it's rather related to the concept I was trying to formulate a while ago of a "nomic-style" version of the standard email quizzes. So anyway, if anyone wants to interview me, go ahead. I'll answer any question that applies to me alone; I promise to dodge only if the answer concerns another person who might not want me to tell the whole truth for any reason. Up to and including random strangers.

If you want me to interview you, I can have a go. But making up questions is a lot harder than answering them. And if I don't know you very well you might get generic, rather than specific questions, which sort of defeats the object a bit, but anyway.

Edit 9.6.03: I've realized that the name of the group I was listening too is *The* Burning Bush, not just Burning Bush. So I've changed it because I'm pedantic like that, but also because as it was before it sounded too much like an off-colour political statement.
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