July 9th, 2003


Rant: Further IT services stupidity

Now, imagine for a moment that you are the IT department supporting a sizeable medical faculty. You have several hundred medical and research students relying on your server. You decide to move everyone to a new server, implying quite a bit of downtime and a change in the login path. What do you do to minimize the consequent disruption?

A) Send a circular email informing people that they need to change their login in order to be able to check email

B) Wait until sufficient chaos ensues that angry students storm your office demanding to know why they can't check their email, access their files, or even access desktops on most computers in the department (because obviously it's really important for security reasons that no-one should be able to use computers at all when the network server is down). Then tell the angry students to "spread the word" about the changed login

C) Refuse to tell departmental sysadmins what's going on, because after all they're not directly employed by the university, so obviously they're the scum of the earth

D) Actually take some sensible steps to inform people what's going on. Like, maybe, print out a notice and display it in a prominent place

Guess which our lovely department chose? Oh yes, got it in one: a mixture of A, B and C. Grrr!

Book: Renegade or Halo^2

Author: Timothy Mo

Details: (c) 1999 Timothy Mo; Pub 1999 Paddleless Press; ISBN 09524193 6X

Verdict: A thoroughly enjoyable book, and also technically excellent

Reasons for reading it: I've been a fan of Mo's ever since some particularly enlightened teacher read an extract in assembly.

How it came into my hands: Library

Collapse ) In short, I'd recommend Renegade or Halo2 for almost any literary taste.
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