September 12th, 2003


A wedding of two halves

Here comes the long promised report on J's wedding! I was extremely privileged to be the only person (apart from the bride and groom) who managed to make it to both halves, so there are lots of people wanting to hear about either or both halves. I'm not at all complaining at telling the story several times, but putting an account in my journal seems pretty useful also (as well as being more permanent than a phone conversation).

For the sake of privacy, I'm going to quote, rather than link to, J's account of how the wedding got split into two: Collapse )

So, the first part: Collapse )

So all in all, a super, super (half) wedding. I think I'd better move the second half to a second post, otherwise this is going to be too long to post at all!

Addendum 14.9.03: neonchameleon also wrote about it.
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The second half

The second half of this amazing wedding took place in New York, which meant that I got to spend a week in New York in between the two. Lots more posts about this exciting trip to follow, but right now I want to finish talking about the wedding.

Collapse )

Oh, and here is darcydodo's version, and here is sampiano's account, which includes photos.
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