October 14th, 2003


HM (& I think I'll skip the D for now)

On 13th October 2003, to livredor a new blogchild. Welcome to the LJ world, lethargic_man

Because it amuses me to mess with the implications of defining my bf as my memetic child. On that note, while I'm generally in the habit of writing a little introductory piece on the subject of why a new LJ person is cool, it's not considered good form to keep on about how cool one's boyfriend is. But anyway, here he is at last! And those of my friends who haven't yet met him should all be introduced. Thanks to everybody who helped persuade him that LJ is a good thing.

Now I'm getting very close to the stage where I can give up socializing altogether and just hang out here. Still need to entice J, EM and maybe a couple of others. *cackles*
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