November 22nd, 2003


Book: The Little Emperors

Author: Alfred Duggan

Details: (c) 1951 Alfred Duggan; pub 1951 Faber and Faber limited.

Verdict: The little emperors is rather sweet, if a little didactic.

Reasons for reading it: lethargic_man has caught my imagination talking about what it felt like to be the generation that went through the end of the Roman empire and the transition into the Dark Ages.

How it came into my hands: lethargic_man lent it to me.

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Travelling: New York (6)

Sociable shabbat, part b

Shabbat morning, I went with J to a rather interesting synagogue, Darchei Noam. Collapse )

In the afternoon, darcydodo joined us from Long Island for a rather exciting picnic, followed by a very pleasant afternoon enjoying the sunshine by the waterfront. It was fortunate that my cousin B had pointed out to me the previous evening that New York has a waterfront; in my ignorance of geography, this had come as a surprise to me! It was lovely to sit and gossip and just be quietly together for the first time in ages; pseudomonas was very much missed.

As soon as shabbat went out we had to rush around manically getting everything ready for the wedding; J went to a mikveh (ritual bath) while darcydodo and I did things like ironing and checking with the groom that all the last minute stuff was sorted out.