December 28th, 2003


Book: Otherland - City of Golden Shadow

Author: Tad Williams

Details: (c) 1996 Tad Williams; Pub 1998 DAW books; ISBN 0-88677-763-1

Verdict: City of Golden Shadow is way bloated, but aside from that not bad.

Reasons for reading it: darcydodo recommended Williams to me ages ago. And because of Christmas and so on I ended up doing what I never normally bother with, namely travelling across country during the day, so I needed something to keep me occupied during about 20 hours of travel. I always reckon that thick paperbacks are the best value for weight for this kind of situation.

How it came into my hands: Among my fabulous haul of second hand books from my trip to Berkeley last year.

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Well, City of Golden Shadow certainly made the journey less boring, and for that I'm grateful.
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