December 31st, 2003



Ahh, snow! It's lovely and white and fluffy and photogenic. Dundee has acquired several inches of the stuff in the past hour. And very fetching it looks too.

I must admit that an hour ago I was feeling considerably less positively inclined towards snow. An hour ago when I realized that my usual habit of, while I'm in the lab I might as well get a couple more things done - after all, it's not as if there's anything to go home to except housework, la la la, oh dear, several hours seem to have passed... is not such a good plan when it's New Year's Eve. When I discovered I'd missed the last bus home, and there wasn't a taxi to be found anywhere.

Snow is considerably less lovely viewed from outdoors during a snowstorm. When it's rapidly making the ground slippery and dangerous, when it's seeping into woefully inadequate shoes, when it's gradually penetrating clothes, when it's being driven into one's face by a vicious headwind and all those fluffy looking flakes suddenly feel like little needles, and when there's two miles to walk with the air full of it, and the ground covered by it, and ugh ugh ugh.

So there I was struggling along, trying to keep my mind off the discomfort by such distractions as feeling grateful that I am in fact physically capable of walking two miles in snow without any serious ill-effects (at least, probably), and composing this blog entry in my head, when Collapse )

Happy new year, everybody!
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