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Over at Making Light: LOLcatz in ur canon, pastichin ur potry. Some highlights from a long and hilarious thread:
  • Abi's original sonnet which started the game
  • Heresiarch's meta joke
  • Xopher's LOLhaiku
  • Kathryn's LOLcreation
  • Eric's ultra-abridged Kubla Khan
  • Abi again with P&P
  • Kathryn again with hypertext poetry
  • Heresiarch lives up to his handle with the LOLiad
  • Eris' utlra-abridged Grecian Urn
  • Abi's zombie kittehs
  • Abi's poetic commentary on the thread
  • Elise's paired translations (you need to read both her consecutive comments for the effect) into LOLcat and text adventure. So beautiful that they inspired me to look read the original poem, which turns out to be Edna St Vincent Millay.
  • nwhepcat's TS Eliot

    But seriously, if you have many hours to spare, read the whole thread, it's fantastic.

    I tried my hand at a couple too, and I'm putting them here mainly so that I can find them again easily in future. Read behind the cut if you want to see attempting to be witty in LOLcat verse. MasefLOLd:
    o hai
    i in ur nineveh qnqrme
    i can has woodz
    n elefanz teef
    (S010m0n bilded u a tmpl
    but monkees eated it)
    board now
    afk bo0ze

    o hai
    jo en ur barco
    i can has j00ls
    n $$
    board now
    afk sunb4thin

    o hai
    i in ur tramp st34m3r
    i can has tr4sh
    n d1rtz
    (my chimnee iz pazted on yey)
    board now

    And McgonaLOL:
    o hai 1879
    i in ur Scotland, ur friendly LOLfeline
    LOL! Bridge shiny! River shiny too!
    i can haz train? Choo-choo!
    O NOES!!!1!! fateful day
    invisible bridge! DO NOT WANT! peeps 4eva afk

    invisible scansion, visible rhyme.
    remembering kitteh remembers long time.
    mah kitteh feetz needin support eg from buttresses
    mah syllables needin work on stresses.
    pastichin stanzas n stanzas n stanzas of similar stuff
    o rly? no wai, srsly, STFU, enuff!
    I'm really feeling I ought to write some real poetry now, if only to convince myself (and the Making Light crew if I come up with something of exceptionally high quality) that I can in fact scan when I put my mind to it.
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