January 20th, 2004


Book: The Silmarillion

Author: JRR Tolkien

Details: Edited by Christopher Tolkien & Guy Kay; (c) George Allen & Unwin 1977; ISBN 0-04-823139-8

Verdict: The Silmarillion didn't quite live up to my expectations; it is noticeably unfinished and seems more like a reference book (and an incomplete one at that) than a novel.

Reasons for reading it: I think the real question here is how I managed to take 20 years to get round to reading this!

How it came into my hands: I absconded with my Dad's copy when I was at home over Christmas.

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On the whole, I'd like to own a copy of The Silmarillion to use as a reference and concordance to LotR. But I don't think it's all that worth reading as a novel.
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