March 6th, 2004


Obligatory drunk post

You don't get very many drunk posts, because I frankly don't drink all that often. But I am now rehydrating myself in the hope that I'll be vaguely human tomorrow (children's party would probably not mix well with hangover...) and thought that I might as well write about my weekend while I'm at it.

Successful and enjoyable Friday night meal; things got a bit stressful about 10 minutes before the start of shabbat, but otherwise it was fine. The service this morning didn't really happen because only Mrs J showed up, but we had a very pleasant chat. Though it was interrupted by a strange born-again Christian (her words) who 'feels a strong affinity for Judaism' and has 'always wanted to see inside the synagogue'. Whatever. I hope we were at least polite to her; it was hard to find a tactful way to put her off inviting herself to our purim party.

The purim party also went very well (minus born-again Christian). I was drinking continuously from 6 o'clock til half past ten, mostly spirits. So I'm going to post this and see how amusing it turns out tomorrow! The Doghouse, which is normally pretty much the sort of place you'd expect from the name, for some reason morphed into a really cool venue this evening, with a very nice live band and a good atmosphere and a vaguely punk or generally subculture clientele. I would happily have spent more time there, had it not been for RB's '20 pubs in two hours' pub crawl scheme.

The advantage of this was that I've drunk so fast that I didn't have time to get depressed, which is what happens when I drink normally. I didn't manage the whole twenty, mind you, more like half a dozen and I skipped rounds at a couple. Nice crowd, quite a lot of people from St Andrews and a good Dundee showing too. I am dressed as Hermione (my scholar's gown is so useful!), and RB is dressed as a beach bum, having borrowed my straw hat. Though it doesn't quite work with the tzitzit... It's also proved surprisingly difficult to ply random strangers with hamentaschen and chocolate while wearing ridiculous clothes.

The Glasgow chaplain has been his usual fluffy and tactful-despite-holding-rather-offensive-views self. Obviously, he knows lethargic_man, and managed to work out who he is from a comment of RB's, so much teasing ensued. Including silliness with the havdalah candle; thankfully lethargic_man doesn't hold with that kind of stuff. Oh, and I won as ever at Jewish geography; one of the new St Andrews students knows Screwy. Well, he's English and a Reform Jew and 21, it's pretty much par for the course.

Happy purim, guys.
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