March 13th, 2004



I've been meaning to do this for ages: match up everyone on my friends list with someone I think they'd enjoy reading, but who isn't on their friends list. I have no vested interested in whether you want to follow my recommendations or not; I'm hoping that curiosity will prompt people to at least have a look, but I'm mainly doing this for my own amusement. And yes, I do realize that some of you have deliberately restricted friends lists and aren't looking for new people etc. I just wanted to play matchmaking (though not in the couple sense!)

Of course, my friends list includes some of my best friends and some people I've barely interacted with at all but whose journals I enjoy reading, and every level of acquaintance in between. That's part of the fun. Also, some of these jumped out at me instantly, others I really had to think about it, others I more or less picked cool journals at random. That's the main reason why I'm not providing justifications for my choices. Most of these are not commutative; if I've recommended you to read someone, I haven't usually recommended them to read you. But clearly I'm not going to stop you from looking at the people I've recommended to read you!

And don't be offended if you don't get recommended very much; it should be obvious that everyone who is on my friends list is there because I find their journal worth reading!

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So, if anyone wants to recommend me someone from their friends list whom I should be reading, that would be cool too. And please feel free to propagate this as a meme, though it's long-ish to do, I admit.
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