March 28th, 2004


Book: Le comte de Monte-Cristo

Author: Alexandre Dumas

Details: Originally published 1844; pub Livre de Poche 1995; ISBN 2-253-09805-1 / 2-253-09806-X; English e-text (no French text available online, that I can find)1,

Verdict: Le comte de Monte-Cristo is great fun, despite being on the long side.

Reasons for reading it: lethargic_man raves about it.

How it came into my hands: lethargic_man gave it to me for my birthday. In fact, he gave it to me twice: he gave me an English edition for my 24th, and I was an ungrateful wench and said 'That's very nice, but you know I'm too much of a snob to read French novels in translation'. So he gave me a French edition for my 25th; what a patient and generous boyfriend I have!

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Anyway, yeah, that was a bit of a marathon, but enjoyable all the same!

1] But that's because I can't see for looking. See below.
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