April 9th, 2004


I'm back

Got back on Wednesday from a lovely few days in Cambridge, seeing lethargic_man and my family, with Passover as an excuse. It was a very pleasant trip, and gave me the break I really needed.

I came back to two lovely parcels of bookies. One was a completely unexpected present, which made me all bouncy and woo unexpected present-ish! The other was some bookies I commissioned hatam_soferet to buy for me, but I'm still extremely excited that I have them right here in my hands.

I also came back to a ridiculously full schedule of things that need to be done by Sunday, a combination of work and organizing a last night seder. That explains why I'm meta-blogging again. So, as a stop-gap, have a list of the titles of the posts I intend to write about the past few days:
Collapse )
Oof. I never realized LJ was going to be such a commitment!

Anyway, happy Passover and / or Easter, depending what you're doing at the moment.
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