May 5th, 2004


Book: The Shipping News

Author: E Annie Proulx

Details: (c) E Annie Proulx 1993; pub 1994 Fourth Estate Limited; ISBN 1-85702-242-4

Verdict: The Shipping News is beautifully written with amazing characterization.

Reasons for reading it: It occurred to me that I've been reading a lot of lethargic_man's recommendations recently, which is decidedly a good thing, but I thought I ought to read at least something of my own. And The Shipping News is a very me sort of book!

How it came into my hands: Found it on our successful charity shop trawl through Ely.

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The Shipping News is not the sort of book that would appeal to everybody; as I said, nothing much dramatic happens, and there aren't any radically new ideas. But it's seriously well written if you do like this kind of thing, a truly impressive character piece.
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